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Unbelievable…” Legolas muttered with an odd twist to his lips. “Why does it remind me of the moves used by a particular character from a fighting game…” Pretty boy, that is, For Healing Only, said with a knowing smile. “So cool…” murmured Rose and a chill ran down my spine even as she spoke. All that kicking had worn me out, but just then I thought of the method I usually use to prepare fish: All I needed to do was simply slice their bellies open and all their innards would come slithering out.

Relax! Just wait and I’ll teach you the real way to fight – no sweat, blood, or money required,” she replied confidently. 17 Brightest future/“bright” future: This was originally meant to be a pun. What Lolidragon says is actually, “有 前途” (yŏu qián tú), meaning “has a bright future”, while Prince replies with, “有钱途” (yŏu qián tú), meaning “a lucrative future”, which sounds identical to the earlier phrase. The first “qián” is the Chinese character for “front” or “forward”, while the latter “qián” is the character for “money”.

CHOMP! GRRR! To actually steal a bite from me while I was distracted, you damn wolf! I continued on my rampage. She trembled fiercely. “It’s not…against the rules,” she croaked. ” Lolidragon mused as understanding dawned upon her. It’s precisely because he isn't familiar with conventional methods of gameplay that Prince's actions are unique. His behavior doesn't conform to convention at all. He has no limits or restrictions. Rather, he has endless potential and innovation. This is the true way to play a game with a realism level of 99%!

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