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By Greg Willie

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Chemistry is the topic that is excited about all kinds of point which we will see or no longer, tangible or intangible. In a manner this topic issues every person. The dictionary, which we're offering, looks after this truth. This dictionary is formulated in any such means that each form of reader, be a pupil, a instructor, a researcher or the other who's remotely involved in the topic will locate it precious. The presentation of proof is easy and non-technical.
Besides defining the phrases we now have additionally supplied pictorial presentation of ,many phrases, with a view to support the reader to extract the crust of the definition. except that those photographs are one of those supplementary definitions for a selected time period. those are used as a device to augment the readers wisdom with a few additional details. the photographs additionally supply spatial distribution of a few compound, their crystal constitution, their orientations in three-d house, and so forth. This dictionary includes greater than 2000 phrases. all of the definitions are good researched, basic and exhaustive. It presents all kinds of knowledge pertaining to chemistry, and rdated topics. All attainable info is incorporated with utmost accuracy.
This dictionary has been built with good deal of attempt, with lot of exertions in constructing the contents.
A reaction for this attempt is enormously expected. With this we are hoping readers will take pleasure in examining this dictionary
and came across it additional information than the other present ones.

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Mpare with effusion ~ • dipole-dipole interaction The mmng of two substances ~ dipole-dipole force. Electrocaus~d by random. molecular ; static attraction between oppom~t1ons .. G~ses ~lffuse very: sitely charged poles of two or qwckly; liqwds diffuse much ~ more dipoles. h 0d more slowly, and solids diffuse i di • sacc an es at very slow (but often measur- : . · I a carbohydrate made up of two able) rates. M0 lecular collisIOns .. Ii 'ds monosacchande umts. I common disaccharl'des are sui crose and lactose.

The different monomers can be linked randomly, or in repeating sequences, or in blocks, or as side chains off the mam chain. • core electron compare with valence electron. Electrons occupying completely filled shells under the valence shell. • corrosion corrode. Corrosion is a reaction that involves action of an oxidising agent on a metal. The oxidising agent is often oxygen dissolved in water. coordinatifmnumber I Cram'sRuie I I I I I I I II pound and ionic bond. A covalent bord is a very strong attraction between two or more atoms that are sharing their electrons.

Equations for elmigration in an electric field. I ementary reactions show the • electrorefining actual molecules, atoms, and electrorefming is a method for I ions that react on a molecular purifying a metal using elec- I level. trolysis . An electric current is I • elementary step passed between a sample of the reactioll mechanisms are broimpure metal and a cathode I ken down into elementary steps. when both are immersed in a For each step the the reactants solution that contains cations of ~ the metal.

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