New PDF release: A History of Old English Literature (Blackwell History of

By Robert D. Fulk, Christopher M. Cain

ISBN-10: 0631223975

ISBN-13: 9780631223979

This well timed advent to outdated English literature makes a speciality of the construction and reception of previous English texts, and on their relation to Anglo-Saxon historical past and tradition.
• Introduces outdated English texts and considers their relation to Anglo-Saxon tradition.
• Responds to renewed emphasis on historic and cultural contexts within the box of medieval experiences.
• Treats almost the full variety of textual forms preserved in previous English.
• Considers the creation, reception and makes use of of outdated English texts.
• Integrates the Anglo-Latin backgrounds the most important to knowing previous English literature.
• bargains very vast bibliographical assistance.
• Demonstrates that Anglo-Saxon reviews is uniquely put to give a contribution to present literary debates.

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The contents of the entire manuscript, including the prose texts, are edited and translated in Fulk 2010a. Except for some of the quasi-metrical passages mentioned in n. 35, this body of shorter verse is reproduced in facsimile from all known manuscripts by Robinson and Stanley (1991). The most influential study of genres in Germanic oral tradition is Heusler 1941, though the assertion here of the predominance of heroic verse types in prehistory does not coincide with his views. See chapter 10 nn.

A frequent deployment of variation of this sort is in a strategy of incremental amplification. Thus, when the speaker of The Wife’s Lament calls her husband heard-sǣligne, hyge-geōmorne, / mōd-mīðendne, morðor-hycgendne ‘luckless, melancholic, secretive, intent on violence’ (19–20), the aggregation of descriptors is arranged in a kind of order of increasingly dangerous and antisocial qualities, building to the final threat of violence. 50 Local contrasts are frequent as well, as when, in a very common rhetorical strategy, the poet of The Phoenix lists the inclement Introduction 33 kinds of weather that do not disturb the bird’s home (nē hægles hryre, nē hrīmes dryre .

2013 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Published 2013 by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. The Chronology of Old English Literature 43 The problems are more severe in regard to the poetry. Although there may be reason to doubt whether Old English was much used for substantial prose compositions before Alfred’s day (see n. 1), the case is plainly otherwise in regard to verse.

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