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By Cai M., Li Y.

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The poem wants to reach an Other, it needs this Other, it needs an interlocutor or counterpart [Gegenüber].  .  dialogue [Gespräch]. ”20 The counter-word of poetry happens only in and through encountering the other. 21 At its most poetic, the counter-word of poetry cannot but be a word of love, Celan suggests; concurrently, love articulates itself exemplarily in the poetic counter-word.  ”24 If we grant that Lena’s and Büchner’s voices resonate in Celan’s equation of poetry with a handshake, and if we concurrently grant that Celan’s poetic handshake testifies to and is an integral part of the event of poetic encountering, then we are more than justified in reading the latter in the key of love.

37 2. 38 3. Last but not least, I should point out that in securing Shakespeare as an ally for his lyrical counteroffensive against his German detractors in the name of “truth”—the truth of his innocence, in particular—Celan succeeded in undermining the very premise of the affair’s perceived racialist dimension. Let me explain: In the late 1950s, when Celan set out in the midst of the storm of the Goll affair to render Shakespeare’s sonnets in German, he embarked on an enterprise of extreme personal and cultural significance.

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A [ k, k +1]-factor containing given Hamiltonian cycle by Cai M., Li Y.

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