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By Julie Lindquist

ISBN-10: 0195140370

ISBN-13: 9780195140378

ISBN-10: 0195140389

ISBN-13: 9780195140385

ISBN-10: 0195302559

ISBN-13: 9780195302554

Linguists became more and more attracted to analyzing how classification tradition is socially built and maintained via spoken language. Julie Lindquist's exam of the linguistic ethnography of a working-class bar in Chicago is a vital and unique contribution to the sphere. She examines how ordinary buyers argue approximately political concerns on the way to create a gaggle id headquartered round political ideology. She additionally indicates how their political arguments are literally a rhetorical style, one that creates a fragile stability among crew cohesion and person id, in addition to a tenuous and ambivalent feel of sophistication identification.

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You went for the guy that was pro-labor. Now, you don’t know who’s gonna do you any good. The Republicans are for big business, and the Dems wanna give everything away to everybody else. At least the Republicans don’t believe in handouts. . ” But now I listen and nod politely. There is no audience, no need for either of us to perform. Had we not been alone at the bar, Wendell and I would likely be the most virulently oppositional contenders in an argument. Since the flag incident—in which Wendell proved to be the most aggressive critic of my “liberal” views—there has been little love lost between us; but we never did get along very well even before that incident.

Light filters down through the open door to the bar; I can just make out the outline of the top stairs. This part of the ice-fetching operation always makes me a little nervous—it takes all my strength to muscle the buckets up the stairs, and the stairs themselves are treacherous. One waver on the step, and I’d tumble backward down the stairs and into the cellar. But as far as I know, nobody has actually fallen, and I am reluctant to solicit help from—and perhaps obligate myself further to—the guys at the bar.

A bartender’s working days change from month to month; often, they change from week to week. Sometimes a bartender will get several working days; sometimes next to none. It all depends on what Perry decides. “You’re in luck,” I tell her. “Valerie’s on again tonight for the Pit. ” “Oh, that’s fucking wonderful. So much for making any kind of money tonight. Customers tend to get a little pissed when they get their martini with dessert. Well, I guess you’ll be seeing a lot of me tonight. ” Waitresses aren’t supposed to come to the front bar for their drinks when there is a pit bartender.

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