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Many tribes dislike miners moving into their migration routes, but only the most extreme will kill them. Most tribes dislike the Imperial military presence; so do not react well to people openly displaying affiliation to the Imperium, and it is reasonably common for the most hard-line tribes to kill Imperial representatives. 42 OBJECTS OF THE MIND PSIONICS ON NEW KURDISTAN As a member of the Imperium, especially one under military rule, Psionics are illegal on the planet. New Kurdistan has an almost unique problem in this area, though – for reasons unknown the planet produces almost ten times the number of psionically talented children as another planet of its size.

A character that abandons his studies keeps all his abilities, including the maximum limits on his sphere of influence ranks as if they were class skills. However, he is no longer a psionicist and cannot re-enter the class except in highly unusual circumstances. Such a character can continue to develop his psi skill levels as if they were cross-class skills (if he has not renounced his calling and ceased to use his skills) so long as they are not already higher than the cross-class limit of (level+3)/2.

6-9 Animal Encounters Table pg. 30 Psionicist Prestige Class pg. 48-50 It is the express intent of QLI that all classes, feats, skills, and other rules that are derivative of the d20 SRD and other Open Game Content be released and added to the existing body of Open Game Content for free use under the principals and requirements of the Open Game License. Those sections that are solely derived from the original Traveller canon works remain closed content and are not considered Open Game Content. PRODUCT IDENTITY In addition to the items specified under section 1e of the Open Game License, the following terms and titles are also reserved as Product Identity.

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