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Absolute C++ , bargains entire insurance of the C++ programming language. It presents all of the instruments worthwhile for skilled and beginner programmers to grasp C++, together with: thorough insurance of the traditional Template Library; entire and entirely executable code all through; sections highlighting programming information and customary pitfalls; and a logical order of assurance of C++ issues to ensure that scholars to raised comprehend the language. This e-book is acceptable for introductory classes overlaying the C++ language, intermediate programming classes introducing C++ to scholars accustomed to one other language and may act as a complete reference past a student's coursework.

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When the computer encounters a break statement, the switch statement ends. If you omit the break statements, then after executing the code for one case, the computer will go on to execute the code for the next case. Note that you can have two case labels for the same section of code, as in the following portion of a switch statement: break statement case ’A’: case ’a’: cout << "Excellent. \n"; break; Since the first case has no break statement (in fact, no statement at all), the effect is the same as having two labels for one case, but C++ syntax requires one keyword case for each label, such as ’A’ and ’a’.

Yes_Statement_Last } else { No_Statement_1 No_Statement_2 ... \n"; 0; 55 56 parentheses Flow of Control Notice that an if-else statement has smaller statements embedded in it. Most of the statement forms in C++ allow you to make larger statements out of smaller statements by combining the smaller statements in certain ways. Remember that when you use a Boolean expression in an if-else statement, the Boolean expression must be enclosed in parentheses. ■ COMPOUND STATEMENTS if-else with multiple statements compound statement You will often want the branches of an if-else statement to execute more than one statement each.

The expression x = 12 is not something that is satisfied or not. It is an assignment statement, so surely the compiler will give an error message. Unfortunately, that is not the case. In C++ the expression x = 12 is an expression that returns a value, just like x + 12 or 2 + 3. An assignment expression’s value is the value transferred to the variable on the left. For example, the value of x = 12 is 12. We saw in our discussion of Boolean value compatibility that nonzero int values are converted to true.

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