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These methods are not recipes, but they provide a framework of guidelines through the breeding process towards the creation of an improved variety. Breeding history in forage crops is less than 100 years old, and the breeding of amenity grasses has lasted for less than 50 years. Selection was facilitated by intensified evaluation in the last three decades due to the invention of plot harvesters, data loggers, electronic systems, computing technology and more recently NIRS-online systems. One should bear in mind, however, that the breeding methods applied in forage crops and amenity grasses mostly evolved from the breeding of field crops, especially maize.

2008a) showed that Swiss ecotype populations of F. pratensis from extensively managed habitats with a high nature conservation value contained significantly less rare alleles than populations from habitats managed more intensively. Management intensity also had a significant influence on morphological characters (Peter-Schmid et al. 2008b). Different conclusions were drawn by Van Treuren et al. (2005) for ecotypes of L. perenne and Trifolium repens from old Dutch grasslands. They concluded that no specific conservation measures were needed for ecotypes from pastures in agricultural use because they did not differ basically from ecotypes from nature conservation areas.

Genet. Res. Crop Evol. 40:39–47. A. 2006. The importance of exotic germplasm to the NZ livestock industry. F. ) Breeding for success: diversity in action. Proceedings of the 13th Australasian Plant Breeding Conference, Christchurch, New Zealand, 18–21 April 2006, pp. 1034–1041. , Gass, T. and Lipman, E. 1998. Report of a working group on forages. Sixth Meeting, 6–8 March 1997, Beitostolen, Norway. International Plant Genetic Resources Institute, Rome, 194 pp. , Scotton, M. and Louault, F. 2004.

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