Enrico G. Beltrametti, Jean-Marc Lévy-Leblond's Advances in Quantum Phenomena PDF

By Enrico G. Beltrametti, Jean-Marc Lévy-Leblond

ISBN-10: 1461358132

ISBN-13: 9781461358138

ISBN-10: 1461519756

ISBN-13: 9781461519751

Advent; E. Beltrametti, J.M. LévyLeblond.GeneralReviews: Experiments with unmarried Atoms in Cavities and Traps; H.Walther. Experiments with unmarried Atoms, Molecules, or Photons; S.Haroche. Quantum results with Ultracold Atoms; Y. Castin, et al. move of unmarried Electrons and unmarried Cooper Pairs in metal Nanostructures; M.H. Devoret, et al. Interferometry with debris of Nonzero leisure Mass: Topological Experiments; G.L. Opat. Achievements in Neutron Interferometry; H. Rauch. Electron Interferometry and Holography; A. Tonomura. Quantum Phenomena and Their purposes in Semiconductor Microstructures; F. Capasso.Specific Topics: Quantum Fluctuations and Superconductivity; R. Fazio, A. Tagliacozzo. Spontaneous Localization and Superconductivity; A. Rimini. Photon-Photon Correlations from unmarried Atoms; M.O. Scully. Einstein Causality in Interatom Microcavity-confined Transverse Quantum Correlations; F. De Martini, M. Giangrasso. 3 reviews at the Aharonov-Bohm impression; M. Berry. protecting Measurements; Y. Aharonov,L. Vaidman. susceptible Measurements; L. Vaidman. eight extra articles. Index.

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R. simplified treatment, F(nmd. Phys. 18: 1045 (1988); 1. O. -G. , Z. Phys. D. -G. Englert and 1. Schwinger, Spin coherence and humptydumpty. II. The effects of observation, Phys. Rev. A40: 1775 (1989). 29. O. Scully and H. Walther, Quantum optical test of observation and complementarity in quantum mechanics, Phys. Rev. A39:5229 (1989). 27 30. O. -G. Englert and H. Walther, Quantum optical tests of complementarity, Nature 35 1: III (1991). 31. -G. Englert, H. O. Scully, Quantum optical Ramsey fringes and complementarity, Appl.

28 EXPERIMENTS WITH SINGLE ATOMS, MOLECULES OR PHOTONS Serge Haroche Laboratoire Kastler Brossel de l'Ecole Nonnale Superieure 24 rue Lhomond, 75231, Paris Cedex OS, France INTRODUCTION. "IN VIVO" SINGLE PARTICLE EXPERIMENTS Atoms, molecules or photons have been known for a long time, but only recently has it become possible to manipulate them as single entities and to observe their behaviour directly. Among many other feats, one can now "see" the individual atoms at the surface of a metal with a scanning tunneling microscope (STM)l or an atomic force microscope (ATM)2, one can manipulate a single DNA molecule with "optical tweezers"3, one can confine an isolated ion in an electromagnetic trap4 or else single out one molecule embedded in a crystal lattice and observe it as it scatters photons from a laser beam5, Not only can we observe single atomic entities, but we can also employ them to perform experiments.

Agarwal, T. Quang, W Schleich, Micromaser spectrum, Phys. Rev. A445992 (1991) 23. T. Quang. S. Agarwal, 1. O. Scully, H. Walther, K. P. Schleich, Calculation of the micromaser spectrum 1. Green's-function approach and approximate analytical techniques, Phys. Rev. A48:803 (1993); K. Vogel, WP. Schleich, MO. Scully, H. Walther, Calculation of the micromaser spectrum II. Eigenvalue approach, Phys. Rev. A48813 (1993). 24. 1. D. Scully and H. Walther, Quantum theory of the micromaser: symmetry breaking via off-diagonal atomic injection, Phys.

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