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By Richard Laymon

Whilst Alice's buddy Serena is going away she remains in her apartment, with its sunken bath and big-screen television. better of all is the open air swimming pool. yet one evening a stranger walks out of the woods and jumps bare into the pool. Alice hopes he won't be coming to get her, like such a lot of have performed prior to.

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I’m Alice. I’ve never written a book before, but figured I might as well start by saying who I am. Alice. That’s not my real name. I’d have to be an idiot to tell you my real name, wouldn’t I? Identify myself, then go on to write a book that tells more than anyone should ever know about my private life and adventures and passions and crimes. Just call me Alice. Sounds like “alias,” doesn’t it? I’m somebody, alias Alice. Anyway, names are the only things I’ll lie about. I’ll make up names for all my characters, because they’re real people—or were—and I don’t want any trouble.

My purse was with me on the sofa, so I didn’t need to go searching for it. I didn’t have to wander around the rest of the house to make sure all the doors were locked, either. I’d taken care of that before the sun went down. I’d also made sure that every light was off except for those that were supposed to stay on all night: the one in the foyer and a couple out in front of the house. Serena and Charlie never lit up the rear of the house—the deck or pool or yard—except when they were out there.

I leaned forward, easing my head into the hall, and looked both ways. Nobody. Of course. I stepped out and walked quickly to the front door. Getting it unlocked and open would’ve been tricky with my left hand, since I’m a righty. So I switched the sword to my left hand. With the blade resting against my shoulder, I used my right hand to unfasten the deadbolt, turn the knob, and pull the door open. It swept toward me. For some reason, the porch light was off. It shouldn’t have been off. And nobody should’ve been standing on the front stoop, but someone was.

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