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The 1st ever ibooks novel by way of the mythical Stan Lee, founder of surprise Comics and co-creator of Spider-Man and the X-Men! The German battle laptop rolls throughout Europe, crushing every little thing in its direction. the United States and her Allies have only in the near past entered the warfare, yet is turns out each side are too calmly matched. The battle may well drag on for years, may possibly move both way...until the day the saucer fell like an arrow from the heavens, bringing with it secrets and techniques of world-shattering end result. The Nazis are fast to trap the spacecraft and its unearthly occupants; the Allies ship in a suicide squad, a bunch snidely known as 'Logan's Losers' - to both retrieve the extraterrestrial beings and their secrets...or ruin them. Russia, too, learns of the downed alien ship and sends their very own agent into the center of Germany. yet there's a traitor one of the Allied invasion strength, operating to convey the Allies down from inside of, and while Logan eventually reaches his target, it's a prisoner of the 3rd Reich, sentenced to die on the hand of an previous, implacable enemy.

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Qrk 8/16/01 2:58 PM Page 34 T H E A L I E N FA C T O R * * * Only a moment before, Marcel crept out of the hiding place. He checked out of the window, saw nothing but the pasture and the wooded hill beyond. He then stepped carefully out of his sabots and made his way carefully across the floor toward the opposite wall. There was an open knothole in the wall through which he might see, as well as hear what the Bosch were up to. He paused, however, by the workshop door. Clemence had collapsed to the ground.

Even the dog had cowered. Only Borck had sat flat in his seat, looking down at the creature, smoking a Turkish cigarette. Borck grabbed Orlov’s lapel. “The creature is alive? ” “The surface temperature of his skin has risen to twenty-one degrees Centigrade, about sixteen degrees below normal human body temperature, and then has stabilized for the last three hours. He does not seem to have been harmed by being placed in the refrigerator, but who can tell? ” Borck felt as if he were being accused.

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