Download e-book for iPad: Am I a Monkey?: Six Big Questions about Evolution by Francisco J. Ayala

By Francisco J. Ayala

ISBN-10: 0801899389

ISBN-13: 9780801899386

Regardless of the continuing cultural controversy in the USA, evolution is still a cornerstone of technology. during this e-book, Francisco J. Ayala—an evolutionary biologist, member of the nationwide Academy of Sciences, and winner of the nationwide Medal of technology and the Templeton Prize—cuts to the chase in a bold try and tackle, in nontechnical language, six perennial questions about evolution:

• Am I a Monkey?
• Why Is Evolution a Theory?
• what's DNA?
• Do All Scientists settle for Evolution?
• How Did existence Begin?
• Can One think in Evolution and God?

This to-the-point booklet solutions every one of those questions with strength. Ayala's sometimes biting essays refuse to lend credence to disingenuous rules and arguments. He lays out the elemental technological know-how that underlies evolutionary concept, explains how the method works, and soundly makes the case for why evolution isn't really a risk to religion.

Brief, incisive, topical, authoritative, Am I a Monkey? will take you an afternoon to learn and a life-time to ponder.

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