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If it were not dependent upon something else, it would be there in its own self, in its own is thoroughly legitimate, as in the case of any predication of right. It would be a substance, not an accident. existence. What justifies, then, the discrepancy of meaning between the case of a subject losing a color or a configuration, in the notion of an accident? Can it be done without self· and the case of a subject losing existence? The presupposition of existence for a subject that is acquir­ ing or losing anything, even existence itself, immediately brings in one of the other characteristics of existence.

A portrait continues to reveal the features of an opera singer in her absence, but the spot­ light ceases to show them once it has been flashed off her actual presence on the stage. An authentic concept of existence would by itself carry the message that something exists. As the case actually is, on 70 AN INTERPRETATION OF EXISTENCE CIIARACTERISTICS OF EXISTENCE 71 the contrary, any of our reasoning in the order of existence of existence have to be kept steadily in mind, but they also has to be based continually upon existence that is being known should be given the full play of their bearing upon one through judgment.

Spotlighting the object so known, they can allow existential conclusions to be drawn from it. Because they are universal, they permit syllogistic reasoning. Because they base the reasoning on what is known through judgment, they can lead to an existential conclusion. But if their focns is removed for a moment from what the judgment is grasp­ ing and they are taken jnst in themselves, they have no ability whatever to provide a ground that would allow one to reason to any existence or to any nonexistence.

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