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Daniel Yazbeck is a Master of Science from McGill University and for nearly 15 years, delivered results for Fortune 500 as a former Scientist for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and a New Product and Market Developer for Panasonic. He founded Yazbeck Investments in 2007 and focused primarily on asset backed investments until he started investing in the Cannabis Industry in 2013. Some of his early cannabis investments included MyDx in 2013 – now a leader in Cannabis Health Technology tracking the science of how cannabis makes people feel which went public on the US OTC Exchange; Ebbu in 2014 – a leader in Cannabis scientific research who was acquired in 2018 for $330 million by Canopy Growth Corporation, and Manifest 7 (formerly MJIC) in 2015 – now a leading distribution company in California which is expected to go public on the Canadian Stock Exchange in 2019.

In a span of 4 years, Yazbeck Investments founded MyDx, seeded the initial capital, and helped it raise over $7.6M in private equity. As its acting CEO, CFO, CTO, CRO, and CMO at various stages of its development, Daniel personally managed all details behind engineering and developing its flagship handheld analyzer, established a new market for its products that has generated millions of dollars of revenues, established MyDx as a brand in the industry, and took the company public.

Daniel continues to serve as a Board member of MyDx and is currently helping companies he invests in succeed by leverage nearly 15 years of experience with Fortune 500, his investment experience at Yazbeck Investments, as well as his operations experience in the Cannabis Industry.  

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