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This startup wants to prevent another Flint water crisis

Entrepreneur Daniel Yazbeck has been thinking a lot about the Flint water crisis lately. “It’s not just Flint but also what’s happening in Alabama now with contaminated drinking water,” he said With a background as a scientist, Yazbeck […]


New Device Tests Marijuana Using an App

As the American marijuana culture becomes more mainstream, the modern-day stoner becomes increasingly more conscientious about the quality and overall safety of the weed he or she purchases. Recent reports of marijuana being contaminated with mold, E. Coli […]


New Device Tests Marijuana Purity at Home

Marijuana strains sold in the 20 states where it’s legal are not well tested, and some are even beset with E. coli, mold and pesticides. As more states legalize marijuana, customer demand for organic, chemical-free weed is bound […]